• Released version 0.0.2

    3 weeks ago
    Yashu Mittal

    Yashu Mittal, Owner

    After 24 hours of launching Jasper πŸ‘» gem publicity, we got more than 50 downloads and we thriller to see this progress.

    Keep track of your users on the website by using Google Analytics πŸ“Š, just add the tracking id in _config.yml file.

    Add comment πŸ’¬ section by enabling Disqus and adding disqus_shortname in the _config.yml file.

    If you are a developer πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’», now you showoff your GitHub/GitLab profile.

  • πŸ’Ž is now public

    3 weeks and 4 days ago
    Yashu Mittal

    Yashu Mittal, Owner

    Jasper gem is now publically available to download from RubyGem.

    Found any bugs πŸ›? We welcome πŸ™ your issues and pull requests.

  • Introducing Jasper as gem

    3 weeks and 5 days ago
    Yashu Mittal

    Yashu Mittal, Owner

    Creating a Jasper theme was a great step.

    Big news today, we’re extracting the files from Jasper theme and creating a gem out of it.

    No more cloning the repository, just add the following code:

    In the _config.yml file

    theme: jasper-gem

    In the Gemfile file

    gem "jasper-gem", "~> (latest version)"

    You are good to πŸš€ launch your brand Jekyll site using the Jasper theme.

    Ahhh! Don’t forget to run this command bundle install to install the jasper theme.